Services & Wholesale

At Genie we pride ourselves on producing high quality, long lasting, durable, safe, eye-catching designer pieces. With every piece carefully checked before leaving our head office.

Aside from the designer jewelry and clothing Genie offers wholesale bundles and manufacturing services. 

Genie offers flexible services to meet your needs. Be it end-user custom orders or large retail shop requirements. We make to order with a large order capacity and fast turn around time. 


1. Professionally cleaning and polishing of all jewelry.

This includes costume, sterling, brass, copper and stainless steel jewelry. You'd be surprised how jewelry can be restored using the correct method for that metal.

2. Fixing broken jewelry.

From missing links, broken elements, corroded pieces and damaged chain. 

3. Packing.

With several years experience in Cape Town we have an in-depth knowledge of the various packaging and branding options available to product branding and packaging.



1. Jewelry design

The Genie team consists of experienced designers who can assist with design from technical drawings to digital renditions.

2. Jewelry making

We assist other brands and designers who wish to outsource manufacturing elements. Including cutting, cleaning, polishing and product assembly.

3. Signage

From metal, wood, PVC, steel, bamboo, brass and copper. We can assist with design elements, order processing and final signage finish. 



1. Anti-tarnish

All Genie metal products have the top of the range anti-tarnish on the market. Making all our jewelry stay fresh for months without requiring additional frequent polishing. This product is truly revolutionary. No longer will you have to polish your jewelry every few days when you want to wear it. Retailers and jewelry designers will be able to keep their stock in shops fresher for longer. 

 2. Sterling silver products

This includes a series of Sterling 925 chains for men and women. From smaller choker chains for women to larger snake chains for men.

3. Stones and Crystals

From loose to cut crystals to more polished refined stones. Remember all crystals are unique styles and stock levels vary.