Jewelry Care


Jewelry is like beauty, it takes work to maintain.

All jewelry tarnishes, even Gold. What's amazing about metal jewelry is that it can last a lifetime. It's good practice to know how to clean jewelry. Even costume jewelry can be brought back to life with a little bit of TLC. There are several ways to revitalize your jewelry, some more evasive then others. 

@Genie we avoid using harsh chemicals before, after and during the manufacturing process. Even small untraceable residue left on the jewelry can be absorbed into your skin. 

Different people prefer different finishes on their jewelry. The antique look entails leaving some of the natural tarnish behind to add character. A high shine look means a complete buff, polish and shine. Our brass and silver is typically high shined. Pieces for men are typically more antique. Remember even if your pieces comes high shined it will naturally over time become more antiqued.


Brushed Brass:

Brass isn't exactly a new metal. Our brass is high shined upon presentation and purchase. Our brass products are coated in an advanced anti-tarnish. To prolong the anti-tarnish effects avoid showering, swimming gymming and sleeping with your jewelry on. Brass like most metals that tarnish can be polished up. We @Genie provide a small polishing cloth for light touch ups. If you haven't worn your jewelry in awhile simply rub your brass item with the cloth. Will return to original condition. Brass can always be restored. 


Brushed Copper:

Our Copper jewelry is also coated with an advanced anti-tarnish. We provide a polishing cloth which can be used on our copper products. Copper will tarnish but can also be easily polished up. Use a rubbing motion on your item for 20 seconds and see immediate results. We wouldn't recommend copper items as everyday jewelry. Water, moisture, creams and oils will make copper tarnish faster.


Stainless Steel:

Not a whole lot to say here. It's in the name, "Stainless". Products made from stainless steel do not require additional care. They do not oxidase, therefore they do not tarnish or change color. They might scratch over time, which can be buffed out but no discoloration. This is the strongest metal we work with. Also making it the hardest metal to manipulate. Cutting, grinding and shaping this metal is a slow and tedious process. 


Tip on caring for your jewelry:

Skin and hair products (lotions and perfumes), along with other chemicals, can tarnish metal jewelry. You are therefore advised to always remove all jewelry before using these products. Recommended to remove metal jewelry when showering and swimming in the ocean.

It is also advisable to remove jewelry when exercising, cleaning, gardening or any other rough or physical work. Try not to wear it overnight.
All jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratching and rubbing against one another. 

Do not store jewelry next to heating vents, windowsills or in the bathroom, as damp and hot conditions will cause the jewelry to tarnish.
To clean your jewelry rub the piece gently with a soft lint-free cloth. It is also recommended that you visit a jeweler once a year to have it cleaned professionally. This will keep them looking their best! 


Genie provides:

All Genie metal products come with a small Genie branded polishing cloth with polish embedded in it. With a light rubbing motion tarnished spots on your jewelry can be removed. This cloth should not be washed or made wet as the polish inside will wash out. Soon Genie will release small polishing kits, these kits will be able to clean your Genie jewelry. It'll include a  large Genie branded polishing cloth as well as polish liquid and an additional cloth for more intensive cleaning.