The Genie Story

The Genie story is that of friendship. A good friendship always has good stories. We don't always remember what they said but we remember how they made us feel.

It's an emotion. That which we bring out is from within. By drawing on cosmic inspiration from the ethos. Blending nature and the tangible world. Our ancient past and mechanical future. With the purist intent of heightened & enhanced mental & social connections.

It's not from here. Their intentions are known. Their means a mystery. They are direct to the touch with emerald eyes & golden ears. The feeling is mutual, it's love.

The climax is a full sensory overload. Sounds fun, looks good, feels right and tastes sweet. A brand experience at the masquerade.  

Living in our own made up world. Walking to the beat of our own drum. Why, because we have to. It's the voice. To feed that endless need for enhanced creativity.

Through design, meticulous craftsmanship and orchestrated teamwork we instill magic. Our team works at Genie's Headquarters aka The Palace in Cape Town. From The Palace  we oversee design, manufacturing and marketing. Producing designer products and industry services.