Our Jewelry

Genie is fun, he likes to party and get wild in style.

Inspired by the natural and futurist world.



All Genie pieces are handmade with quality and ethically sourced materials. We pride ourselves on original designs that require custom attention.


Stones and Crystals

All stones used by Genie are ethically sourced. As our stones are naturally formed and hand cut there can be slight variations with color and shape, making each stone unique.

Metal and semi-precious or precious stones are extracted from the earth with natural healing powers, so don’t forget to read up about each stone’s personal qualities.

Read more about crystal and stone uses and benefits


Our Metal Jewelry

 All pieces produced by Genie are clean and safe to wear. For best practice, all sharp edges have been removed. All pieces are strength tested to ensure durability and longevity of the pendant.

All our metal jewelry has been treated with the top of the range anti-tarnish. Ensuring our products remain fresh and dirt free for months. 

No longer does brass pendants and rings turn your skin green. As with everything in life it has a lifespan. For best practice remove your jewelry before swimming, showering and using hygiene products.

However, a small polishing cloth is provided with every sale. Should your piece tarnish slightly it can be brought back to its former glory with a bit of rubbing with the polishing cloth.


Stainless Steel

The color of stainless steel is slightly more matt then Sterling Silver. For people who don't like the flashiness/brightness of Sterling Silver, consider stainless steel. Extremely durable and resilient. Our latest addition. Able to last literally to infinity and back. Over time this metal will dull in color ever so slightly. However it will never oxidize. Won't/Can't change color. Truly a hassle free metal for jewelry. That's we're obsessed with it.


Additional Policies and FAQs

Please feel free to ask any questions before you purchase an item.

If you want to buy wholesale please contact us at info@genietraders.com